When I Was Young

When I was young

I was never afraid

I ran head first into everything

and anything

without ever stopping to

ask questions

or seek approval

I found beauty in everything

I sought adventure

and watched in wonder

and amazement

at all that surrounded me

When I was young

I would run for hours

on legs that never grew weary

I would jump in puddles

stay out until the streetlights came on

catch frogs and tadpoles in the creek

build tree forts with salvage

chase sunsets and fireflies

and stare at the moon

as it washed over me

and made me realize just

how small I really was

When I was young

I was fearless

No Title (From the poetry archives, dated 2004)

Another chapter of hurt

shut in my life

another one opens

fresh start has begun

So why does it hurt so much

trying to move on?

Learning how to live again

laugh again

love again

and how to be free

My life is like a puzzle

can never seem to make the pieces fit

Patience is a virtue

and strength can only come from within

waking up each morning

praying the sun will shine

to take away my years of pain

and dry the lonely tears I cry

Pray for strength and courage

to make it through each day

and I know that if rainbow

can emerge through darkened clouds

that I can find a way…

Waiting to be Saved

She was a mother

She was a sister, a friend

beneath the make-up and ragged clothes

she’s just a woman

He was a father

He was a brother, a friend

beneath his hollow eyes and whiskey breath

he’s just a man


Eyes that try to hide the shame

troubled souls that have lost their way

we will never know their pain

but I see a soul that’s on it’s knees crying please

I am a soul that’s lost it’s way

and I’m just waiting to be saved

They ask for change

but it’s not money that they seek

a kind word, a helping hand

that is what they need

An act of love

that doesn’t cost a dime

no skill required, just a little of your time

but no one out there is willing

so I will give them mine

yes, I will give them mine


If I search long enough

will I ever find you?

If I read these words daily

will they come alive?

If I search this earth

will it be you that I find?

If I open my eyes

will it be you that I see?

If I surrender it all

will I finally be free?

Freestyle attempt

Watched my first ever Freestyle battle tonight and attempted to write my own on the way home… don’t laugh !

He was a Godly man

a man with a Godly plan

a master plan or a plan to be master

was it the fame or the glory he was after

could it be the later or is it the ladder?

a ladder to climb, that’s what I’m after

to get out of this pit and climb up to the rafters

to bury this pain and forget that it matters

nothing’s the matter, trust me I’m fine

can’t you tell by the look in my eyes?

can’t you tell by the tears that I cried?

can’t you tell that I’m sick of your lies?

can’t you tell that I’m dyin inside?

So I, won’t go on livin this lie

no I, can’t let it go no matter how hard I try

and I wanna forgive but it’s burning inside

and I’m holding water as I’m watching it die